Laminate Flooring

Beautiful and Feature-packed Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is largely popular for how it mimics hardwood floors and its excellent properties. At Diaz Carpets and More, we are keen on ensuring you have the best of this timeless classic for your home or business without the high costs of installing a hardwood floor. The upside of this flooring option is that it comes in a wide range of stain colors and finish types that will effortlessly complement any room.

Since a beautiful and stylish floor is only as good as its installation, we have put our best foot forward when it comes to delivering superb laminate floors. Our past projects are a testimony of our abilities as we have installed these laminate floors in many homes and businesses across El Paso, Texas. The highlight of our amazing works is that we use only the best materials, and our laminate installations are guaranteed to last.

The Wonderful Selection Of Our Laminate Floors

There have been wonderful improvements in the production of laminate floors, thanks to technological improvements. Today, we hold an incredible selection of laminate that has been specially selected to provide you with the desired touch of luxury and functionality. As flooring technicians who are highly respected in El Paso, we never compromise on quality, and we will ensure you get top-value regardless of your budget.

Generally, you can expect laminate floors from us that are:

●    Durable

Unlike what most people think, laminate floors are quite durable as they have a top finish coat that is resistant to scratch and friction. As long as this floor has been professionally installed, it will remain in the best shape for years as long as it is well maintained. Laminate floors also do not attract termites and other insects, making them less susceptible to damages.

●    Stylish and elegant

Laminate floors allow you to have the beauty of hardwood floors while keeping your budget low. You will further appreciate that its classy elegance does not easily fade off, and it will keep its shine for a long time. At Diaz Carpets and More, we give you a wide range of stylish color options when you opt for laminate flooring in El Paso, Texas, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

●    Waterproof options

Long gone are the days when opting for laminate floors meant that you could not place them in rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms because water would quickly destroy them. Today, we have waterproof options that work in many areas in your home or business, and our specialists will guide you in the best options.

●    Enhance the look and feel of your home or business

A defining strength of laminate flooring is that it instantly transforms the look and feel of any room. Regardless of whether you want to upgrade an old building, renovating your commercial premises, or flooring a new building, this flooring option will give you the desired satisfaction. What is more, you will never have floor thickness issues or any other problems as we back our works with a worry-free assurance.

●    Easy maintenance

Laminate floors are very easy to take care of as all you need to do is clean them with a damp cloth or regular vacuuming. There are lots of cleaners in the market that you can easily use while cleaning, and the only rule to remember is to avoid the accumulation of dirt and grit. It would be best if you also were wary of liquids that spill on these surfaces and stay for too long as they can leave unwanted stains.

●    Kid and pet friendly

The topical finish coat on laminate floors is meant to make it scratch-resistant, protecting your floors from damages that might be caused by kids or pets. It also does not harbor allergens and is a perfect option if your loved ones suffer from any allergies.

The Easy Installation Process

Laminate flooring installation in El Paso, Texas, is a simple and straightforward procedure that we will complete within a short period. This means zero worries about your flooring project taking a long time to complete, plus the pleasure of a ready-to-use room once we complete our installation. You will further love that laminate floors can be installed over many floor types, including dry concrete and wooden subfloors.

Why Choose Our Laminate Flooring Services

It has become challenging to find the right laminate flooring installation contractor in El Paso, Texas, as hundreds of ‘contractors’ are ever available. But, at Diaz Carpets and More, we are here to make a difference by giving you the benefits of:

●    FREE consultations

Laminate flooring services should never be out of your reach, which is why we have eliminated all unnecessary costs from our operations. By partnering with us, you will have the benefits of FREE consultations and Free Estimates that are provided after an in-premise assessment.

●    Professional installations

Your laminate flooring installation will be handled with a team of qualified and highly experienced flooring specialists who will ensure a flawless finish. We never compromise on our deliveries and will ensure that each room we work on looks perfect.

●    Honest services

We are a local and independently owned business that rides on our reputation. As such, you can trust us to maintain the highest levels of honesty and integrity right from the time you get in touch with us.

●    Budget-friendly and on-time deliveries

Once we have provided our estimates and discussed your budget, we will not surprise you with any last-minute charges on any ‘extras.’ As a policy, we always provide you with budget-friendly options, and we will stick to it without making any compromises. Finally, you will love our on-time deliveries as you understand how important it is to have your home or business ready for use as fast as possible.

Are you ready to have your dream floor?

At Diaz Carpets and More, we are ever ready to make your dreams come true, all you have to do is contact us today, and we will offer you top-notch laminate flooring solutions.

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